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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site to learn more about how Future Technologies Inc. (FTI) enables our customers and contracting partners to prepare, respond and maximize productivity in a fast-changing, competitive world.

When I started FTI in 1992 as an independent contractor, I wanted to build a company that would one day compete on a world-class level. Today, as a small business, FTI is accomplishing our mission of becoming a sought-after partner and global leader of critical technology and support services. As a prime or subcontractor, we are your ideal partners. FTI can take the lead building the right team for the job or respond quickly to requests and provide complimentary expertise as your sub.

As our business has grown, so too has our range of expertise. From basic facilities management to the most complex system design and data analyses, FTI is prepared to meet the technical and program support demands of federal, state, local and international government organizations, as well as US DoD, academic institutions, and private sector organizations.

Whatever our charge, FTI pursues excellence by dedicating extraordinary attention to the needs of our employees. The guiding philosophy shared across our entire leadership team, is: "If you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers". Whether in our headquarters, at a remote client site, or in the field halfway around the globe, we go out of our way to ensure every member of our professional team feels not only connected to, but also supported by FTI. This laser focus on our employees has helped us build long-term employee relationships and a strong track record of satisfied clients.

Whatever information or technical support challenges you may face, my personal commitment to you is that FTI will provide you with the experience and resources to get the job done fast and done right.

‍We look forward to hearing from you,
Ram N. Gupta, President/CEO

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