Program Support

Tailored Program Support Solutions

FTI is an industry leader in providing program support solutions to government and private organizations. With our solutions and guidance, we provide comprehensive management of day-to-day tasking as well as assistance in the development of future plans. As part of our program support solutions, we provide the following:

Acquisition and Planning

Contract Management

FTI provides acquisition planning and procurement support to multi-platform and multi-branch programs. We're familiar with the requirements of the Defense Acquisition System and provide knowledgeable guidance to our customers.
Our contract management support is robust and encompasses a wide range of support areas, including coordination and mitigation of risk, development of program analysis and tracking systems, and business relations management.

What Our Partners Say:

"FTI has a highly qualified team which provide excellent support to the user community. FTI maintains an excellently trained staff to ensure the government has sufficient coverage to accomplish its mission. FTI team members often shift their schedules to provide the needed coverage for scheduled lab support. Deadlines are met without compromise to the quality of the deliverable. Schedules are the biggest area in which you can always count on FTI. No matter the day, time, or need FTI steps up, rearranges if necessary and keeps plowing forward. Almost on a weekly occurrence, FTI changes their schedule to meet the needs of our Customers without a hitch." - NSWCDD COR Jeena Brabant
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