DNA Biometric Software


While DNA continues to revolutionize molecular diagnostics medicine, missing persons recovery, forensic criminal science and biometrics in support of anti-terrorism, the need for more effective analysis and management of this mission-critical data grows with every crime committed, every soldier lost and unidentified, every child that goes missing, and every disaster – natural or manmade – that causes mass casualties.

FTI’s comprehensive suite of DNA Laboratory Information Management and Analysis System (LIMS) solutions is the first and only software specifically designed for DNA analysis, and the only one that enables investigating organizations to effectively and reliably automate the processes of lab management, case management and DNA analyses. There are three major missing persons labs in the U.S. As the recognized global leader in DNA LIMS software development, FTI is proud to work with all of them.

Addressing five major areas of real-world need – mass casualty incidents, forensics and criminal identification, kinship analysis and biometric analysis – FTI’s DNA LIMS software includes the following modular subsystems:

  • DNA LIMS Software – End-to-end Lab Information System enables Case Accessioning, Evidence Control, High Throughput Analysis, Statistical Analysis and Profile Searches.
    • Provides In-depth Statistical Kinship Analysis and Graphical Representation
    • Integrates with DNA-View ® and Progeny ®
    • Manages Laboratory Resources
    • Tracks Personnel Training and Qualifications
    • Integrates with CODIS

  • DNA LIMS Mobile – When you can’t get to the lab, we bring the lab to you

  • Family Donor Reference Collection System (FDRC)

  • Medical Examiner Tracking System (METS)
  • Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) - application software and database development, network/desktop support – called in on work for 9/11 remains identification

  • California Department Of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services (CADOJ BFS) –DNA Identification LIMS for missing persons and mass fatality requirements

  • Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory (LSPCL) – DNA Identification LIMS to assist with Hurricane Katrina missing persons and victim identification

  • St. Tammany’s Parish Louisiana Coroners Office

  • Chile Human Identification Project

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