Case Studies

For DNA Laboratory Information Management and Analysis Software, the World Turns to FTI

Since November 2006, Future Technologies Inc. has been involved with an International Group of Physicians and Scientists teamed to provide Iraq the training and equipment required to collect DNA samples from the thousands of unidentified civilian casualties of the civil unrest. This capability will allow Iraqis to conduct kinship analysis of the DNA evidence against DNA samples provided by family members reporting missing persons and ultimately repatriating as many family members as possible. This capability will also provide Iraq Universities the ability to conduct research into areas such as Molecular Diagnostics.

U.S. Department of State on April 2, 2008 announced they will fund more than three million dollars for the initial stages of the program. Other countries have also agreed to contribute funds. The U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation will be overseeing the program. FTI is very proud of our role in this humanitarian effort.